Site Improvement and Permit Section (SIPS)

Our customer friendly staff can assist you with the following tasks:
  • Improvement Plan & Grading Permit Submittals
  • Encroachment Permit Submittal
  • Transportation Permit for Oversize Loads
  • Verification & Assignment of Property Address
  • Street Name Change
  • Public Easement Abandonment
  • Sale of County Project Plans & Specifications
  • Research Improvement Plan Archive
  • Development Impact Fee Estimates
  • Easement / ROW Abandonment

What's New

Board of Supervisors Approves Street Light Design Section 5 Update– The Board of Supervisors approved the Street Light Design Section 5 Update effective August 7, 2018. This is to allow the use of LED lights on County-maintained streets. Click here to view the update.

Board of Supervisors Approves 2018 Improvement Standards Update - The Board of Supervisors approved the 2018 Improvement Standards update effective April 1, 2018. Click here to view the updated standards. 

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We accept and review digital improvement plans. It saves customers money and time. Learn more about digital improvement plans.

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